Career Conversations with MWI: Kelly Schulz

Kelly Schulz is the Head of Brand and Marketing at Belong, Telstra’s challenger brand. She is responsible for all aspects of marketing and has a team of 20 people reporting to her, directly and indirectly. She is also vision impaired, has a guide dog named Velvet, and has been legally blind since birth.

Career Conversations with MWI: Suzie McInerney

Suzie McInerney’s career is anything but linear and we loved hearing about it! From marketer, to restauranteur to the CEO of Six Degrees Executive, Suzie discusses her career changes, entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for continuous learning. Find out who inspires Suzie, the importance of learning from experiences and how the benefits of mentoring can be felt long after the mentorship has occurred.

Career Conversations with MWI: Georgia Pound Biggs

Georgia Pound Biggs is a networking force to be reckoned with! Through her network, Georgia found an opportunity to move from the automotive industry to FMCG and is now the Senior National Activation Manager: NPD & Integrated Marketing Campaigns at CUB. We find out why Georgia thinks it’s important to try new things, discusses the importance of goal setting and shares some kind advice to help us feel more connected.

Career Conversations with MWI: Steph Graham

Welcome to the first of our new series, featuring Marketing Women talking about their careers. Steph Graham is the trail-blazing Founder of Gusto Careers, a digital hub dedicated to helping aspiring Communications professionals’ kick-start their careers. Inspired by her own experience as an intern and her love for mentoring others, Steph launched Gusto Careers in 2018. Steph shares her insights about finding your dream career, the importance of mentoring and why we all need a ‘GO AND DO IT’