Become a Mentor



Are you passionate about giving women a chair at the table, a voice in the meeting room, or simply driven to help like-minded women achieve their career goals? The Marketing Women Inc (MWI) Mentor Program may be for you.   We’re looking for senior marketing professionals to be volunteer mentors.

The MWI Mentor Program is one of our most successful initiatives. For years we have been partnering women in the industry with like-minded senior specialists who are at the top of their game!  Being a mentor will give you the opportunity to share your wisdom with other women in marketing with learnings from your own career, as well as network with other marketers.

Our next mentoring program will commence September 2024, with the matching of mentors and mentees taking place in August. 

What to expect as a Mentor

You will be matched with a marketing professional based on their goals, skills, industry and other factors. As a mentor you will be asked to challenge your mentee’s ideas and thought process, share your career learnings, celebrate successes and guide them in extracting lessons from their challenges.

The MWI team will ensure you are matched with a mentee that will be able to gain from your background and industry experience. The mentor program is driven by the Mentee and what they are seeking to gain or learn from the program, you will be there to help navigate and assist them through this part of their career.

As a mentor, you will also be part of a LinkedIn group of pairings, where you will be experiencing the mentoring journey together. There you can share any information or findings you have found valuable and stories or articles which will fuel group conversations. This is a perfect opportunity for you to not only have a one on one mentee but to also grow your network with like-minded Marketing professionals who can bring a different perspective and industry background.

What can you gain?

Did someone assist you in your career or could you have navigated your career more easily with someone acting as your personal GPS? As a mentor you have the unique opportunity to give back and have a positive influence on another’s career and life. You have the ability to shape and inspire the leaders of the future while gaining a new perspective and fresh ideas of your own. The program also offers the opportunity to meet and network with other mentors from a range of fields and experiences.