Become a Mentee



Are you looking for guidance on your career? Would you like to bounce ideas off someone? Would you like to gain advice from a senior marketing leader?

The Marketing Women Inc (MWI) Mentor Program is one of our most successful initiatives since the committee began. For years we have been partnering women in the industry with like-minded senior specialists who are at the top of their game! The Mentor Program was designed to inspire, encourage and help you on your journey to greatness. Regardless of where you are in your career, there’s nothing to lose by having a mentor in your life.

Our next program is scheduled to start in May 2022 and run through to November 2022.  Apply Now!

What to expect as a Mentee

Our Mentor Program is Mentee driven.  What you get from the program very much depends on your goals, commitment and willingness to follow your mentor’s direction, explore ideas and opportunities. The results of the program can truly be empowering.

You can expect: 

  • 6-month access to your very own Mentor, who will be a volunteer with  relevant experience in marketing that they’re happy to share with you
  • Regular communication with your Mentor via zoom, phone or email 
  • Access to the closed MWI LinkedIn Group for Mentors and Mentees 

What can you gain?

A Mentor will be there to challenge your ideas and thought processes, celebrate your successes, and guide you in extracting lessons from your profession. This could be within your current role, a newly started role or even a side project you would like to bring to life. 

A Mentor can help you make progress with:

  • Gain valuable advice 
  • Develop your knowledge and skills 
  • Learn new perspectives 
  • Gain self-awareness 
  • Leverage career guidance

How does the Marketing Women Mentor Program work?

  • Before the program starts, Mentees are asked to complete an application form to outlines your background experience and what you’re looking to gain from the program. This will enable us to find the perfect Mentor for you.
  • The Mentor Program runs for 6 months where you will be in regular conversation with your Mentor through video, phone and / or email.
  • The program launch will be held via an online group meeting where the Program Lead will outline important information including how to optimise your experience.
  • You will also be invited to a 3-month and 6-month catchup where all Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to share their experiences and findings to date.
  • The planned time commitment to the program will be organised by each individual pairings. However, we anticipate that Mentors/Mentees will meet via video call for a minimum of one hour every month.   The time required will vary depending on the specific objectives of the mentoring relationship – however, the time commitment above should be used as a benchmark.
  • The Mentor Program costs $250 (as at April 2022), with the fee due once the match is confirmed.  You can either be paid directly or ask your current employer.  Our past programs have usually included self-funded and company-funded mentees.

To apply to be of the program as a mentee, please email  or download the application form by clicking on the button below (please contact us if you need this form in another version)