Career Conversations with MWI: Georgia Pound Biggs

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Welcome to another instalment of our new series, featuring Marketing Women talking about their careers.

Georgia Pound Biggs is a networking force to be reckoned with! Through her network, Georgia found an opportunity to move from the automotive industry to FMCG and is now the Senior National Activation Manager: NPD & Integrated Marketing Campaigns at CUB. We find out why Georgia thinks it’s important to try new things, discusses the importance of goal setting and shares some kind advice to help us feel more connected. 

Wow Georgia, that is an impressive job title! Tell us a little bit about your career journey.

After finishing high school and travelling for a year, I started working as a Marketing Assistant. This sparked my love for working so I decided to complete my business degree in the evenings and continue to work full time.

I’ve worked across different industries including education, automotive and FMCG with a focus on Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience. I think working across various marketing areas is essential for leaders. I have always been willing to try new things and find opportunities to continue to develop and stretch myself. I even spent 12 months working in supply chain and distribution – but I promise it has made me a better marketer!

I spent 1 year in sales out on the road travelling through regional Victoria and NSW before deciding it was time to try something new and move back in to a marketing role. Through my network, I found an amazing new opportunity and took the leap from 5 years in automotive to move in to FMCG.

You’ve had a wide range of experiences. Has mentorship played an important role?

Although networking and mentoring can seem scary, and putting yourself out there doesn’t always come naturally, I can attest to the benefits. I have always had support from mentors both within and external to the businesses I have worked in. Having someone to talk to and guide you when you are in unfamiliar territory and someone to give impartial advice is so valuable.

I am passionate about supporting other young women as they navigate through their careers, to be there to listen, support, guide and celebrate their wins!

Who inspires you?  

I find inspiration from a number of different people and organizations. I have always tried to examine the great traits and not so positive traits of all people I have interactions with and use those to guide my own practices – adopting great things I see and actively avoiding other behaviors.

We work in such a fast-paced world, how do you ensure you’re staying relevant?

I love learning and upskilling! I am a massive fan of consuming content, such as listening to Podcasts, reading industry articles and publications or LinkedIn Learning. I also love connecting with my network and mentoring up and coming marketers – who are always full of new ideas!

Is goal-setting important to you?

Goal setting is incredibly important, I really like breaking down big challenges and dreams in to smaller chunks. Having a purpose and a plan to achieve my medium and long-term goals keeps me on track and motivated.

As daggy as it is… Remember, when things seem insurmountable – there is only one way to eat and elephant… One bite at a time! 

That’s a great piece of advice! Is there anything you wish you could tell your younger self? 

Stick to the plan! Gain as much experience as you can, talk to people, try new things and don’t forget to look after yourself.

If you could have a billboard with anything on it, what would it say?


At the moment the world feels so far apart, I believe that a small reminder to encourage people to keep connected could really change the trajectory of someone’s day.

Georgia Pound Biggs is currently a Mentor for MWI’s Mentor Program. For information on our mentoring program, click here


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