Career Conversations

Career Conversations with Gemma Thomas

As a photographer, Gemma can teach us a thing or two about seeing and capturing career making moments. From a work placement position at Australia’s

Career Conversations

Career Conversations with Pam Burnett

Pam has been apart of the Marketing Mentor Program twice as a Mentor, in 2020 and 2023. Before starting her own consultancy in Marketing Strategy

Career Conversations

Career Conversations with MJ Li

Discover the unstoppable force that is MJ Li. By day she is a Marketing Manager in the sustainability sector, and by night she is a

Career Conversations

Career Conversations with Olivia Restuccia

Meet Olivia Restuccia, the dynamic Strategy Manager at Milwaukee Tool Australia & New Zealand, a powerhouse on the MWI Committee. Olivia has participated on our

Career Advice

Exploring Diverse Career Pathways in Marketing Across Various Industries

Marketing is a part of virtually every industry we see today. While the core theory of marketing remains consistent (years later, we are still referring to the 7 P’s), the strategies, tactics and focus areas of our work vary from industry to industry.

Career Advice

The Nature of Mentoring: What it is and what it isn’t

Have you been thinking about applying for the MWI Mentoring Program, either as a volunteer mentor or as a menter. Are you wondering if this is the program for you? What should you expect? And what does a mentor do?

Career Advice

Resilience in Redundancy

We were joined by Suzie McInerney, CEO of Six Degrees Executive, back in 2020 for a virtual event to discuss the important topic of remaining resilient when being faced with a redundancy.

Career Conversations

Career Conversations with Nikole Duong

Welcome to another instalment of our ongoing series, featuring Marketing Women talking about their careers. Nikole Duong is the Public Relations Manager at Uniqlo and

Career Advice

Personal Branding: What is it and why is it important?

You may have come across the term ‘Personal Branding’ at some stage during your career and thought to yourself: What is a personal brand? And why is it important? In anticipation of our upcoming ‘A Masterclass on Personal Branding’ event, we sat down with Personal Brand Specialist, Fi Mims, to find out these answers and the benefits of personal branding.

Marketing Trends

Marketing: To use AI, or not to use AI?

To help us understand both sides of the debate within the marketing profession, we decided to go straight to the source and asked ChatGPT to summarise it for us. The Result: A very balanced, succinct, and thorough response actually!