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So what did you do during the isolation?  

If you’ve been influenced by the hype that says you should be learning new skills with  your free time, we’ve made it easy for you by pulling together a list of free online courses in marketing (especially digital marketing), career development and technology. 

To save you from sorting through lots of junk to find the gems (perhaps you’ve searched Udemy or Coursera lately), these courses have been recommended directly by other marketing women. 

Free Content from the Software Companies 

Some of the best free online courses are provided by the software companies themselves.  And as you might expect, these are mostly digital marketing, data or technology courses.  

Google Analytics Academy has some basic and advanced Google Analytics courses and an introduction to tag manager. Click here 

Google Garage is Google’s more general free learning site and covers digital marketing, technology and career development.   As well as the content provided by Google, there are also courses from other providers (which usually link to paid course options) Click here 

Facebook Blueprint is run by Facebook and covers Facebook, Facebook advertising, Instagram and Ad manager, at both an introductory and advanced level.   Click here 

Canva, the Australian made design software for non-designers, has some accessible courses in its Canva Design Academy.  We recommend Social Media Mastery, Graphic Design Basics, Branding Your Business and Presentations to Impress. Click Here

Zoom also has live webinars and on demand content on how to use the platform (although some of it is pretty basic)  Click here

Other Free courses

General Assembly is now live streaming its regular free workshops and during the COVID isolation is  offering free online access to some of its introductory courses in data, coding, digital marketing and career development.  Click here 

WPBeginner is a resource site for non-technical beginner and intermediate WordPress users.  Its tutorials and beginner’s guides are a great way for marketers to start to learn how to use WordPress. Click here 

Class Central is a portal of online education and has an inspiring list of 294+ free online marketing courses from various universities world wide.  Unfortunately, we don’t have specific recommendations from this list!  And be warned there are also lots of ads on this site. Click Here

But wait there’s more…..

For another curated list, Hubspot also recently suggested some specific digital marketing courses its own site the Hubspot Academy, as well as on Hootsuite, the Code Academy, Udemy, Quicksprout and ALISON.  Click Here

And if you do any of these courses or can recommend any others, be sure to let us know. 

If you’re looking for more learning opportunities, keep your eyes out for MWI’s first virtual event coming up in May. More details to come!


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